The private David is a young schoolboy, who is well-liked among his friends. Grew up in Dragør with a craving for karting, PlayStation and his scooter. A sweet and shy kid, curious about life and with great ambitions about yourself. Generally good at anything that includes his body, and unimaginable stubborn, self-motivated and persistent to achieve his goals. David is 14 years old.


A technical driver who responds promptly to changes. Manages to position sensibly in relation to situations later on the field. Drives aggressively and is especially good on technically difficult tracks with varying turns. Fast thinking and sharp focus.


David will evolve to be one of the best professionals racing drivers.

  1. David must be in the top 5 in the racing series that are participated in
  2. David needs to be in better physical shape than his opponents
  3. David must be prepared in the best possible way
  4. David must keep his loyal and well-liked mind, and through this act respectful towards competitors, sponsors and ordinary people
  5. David must be an attractive brand qua persona as well as level
  6. David should serve as a role model for other drivers

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